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36V LAWNMOWER Charger— 300W Smart Charger
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36V LAWNMOWER Charger— 300W Smart Charger
Product Presentation:
High Power Multi-mode Charger
- max.300W, employed a High Performance Swiched Power Supplier Solution
- Adaptable a wide range of battery type, such as Lead acid, NiMH, NiCD and Li-ion,etc.
- Employed a Intelligent Control chip for DC side to control and management throughout the entire charge process, such as voltage, current, temperature and Battery ID tracking confirmation of Identity, involved in intelligent control. 
- The Power Signal light will be automatically going to green light or turn off when the battery is fully charged. 
- The charging is automatically stop when the battery is fully charged. No user intervention is required for charge process.
- with battery repairing and Fast charge functions
Detailed Information
AC Input 108-132VAC   50/60Hz
Constant current 7A
Constant  Voltage <10℃:  44.7-46.2V
10℃-35℃: 43.2-44.4V
>35℃: 41.7-42.6V
Filled With Shutdown Mode Safety charging time
Standby Power  <0.3W
Safety Mark  UL1012&CSA22.2 No.107.2-01
Protected function OVP, OTP, OCP, NTC, OSP 
Dimension  210mm*132mm*66mm
Weight  1200g

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